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Welcome to the BlogClan 2 Wikia! This wiki was created by Flowerstream after the inactivity of the old wiki and it's been up and running ever since. BlogClan is a website by Kate Cary, one of the authors of the Warriors series. This wiki contains information about the blog and its members, a variety of fanfictions, roleplays, projects and more! Have fun!

Please check out the Wiki Rules before you post anything and the Chat Rules before joining chat.

We're also doing a roleplay, so if you head on over to the Main Roleplays Board, you can hop right in. Any side or minor roleplays not involved in the main one are here. The Main Roleplay Allegiances can be found here, and the roleplay rules here.

Feel free to start editing the info pages, such as BlogClan pages and Trailing Stars, along with your own fursona pages! Fanfiction pages are also welcomed.

Today it's Wednesday, July 26 and it's 13:44. Currently, there are 15 articles on BlogClan Testing Wiki ... and counting!

If you have any questions or concerns, or need any help, please ask Flo, Shiv or Flame!

(Credit for the logo goes to Juni, AKA WaterWitch555, and the wiki theme was designed by Wollow, AKA Willowlight7)

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